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LinkedIn Training

Prospecting Training
(aka Teaching You How to Fish!)

LinkedIn Training


Everybody has a LinkedIn account but how many people are effectively and regularly using all its features to actively grow their business?


Not many.


Of all the social media tools available today, LinkedIn is the most concrete, actionable tool that sales reps can use right now to:


~Brand ourselves and share our expertise with clients and prospects


~Proactively learn vital information about a prospect- in his or her own words- before calling or visiting


~Identify additional buyers within a company and within an industry


LinkedIn is a transformative sales and lead gen tool: rather than calling a prospect and listing potential benefits AT someone- hoping that something sticks- it provides the kind of information that allows for a strategic, custom, relevant conversation that was never before possible.


Move your business or sales team financially forward permanently by learning how to connect with new buyers. We promise that we can help you acquire a taste for this skill in short order.  We will cover very specific skills, practice them and implement them together.


How to Create a Targeted Script

Don't "wing it" -  be prepared every time you contact a prospect.


How to Evaluate & Prequalify Prospects on the Initial Call

You might have the right person on the phone or you might not. Make sure!


How to use Social & Professional Media Effectively and Strategically

Where are the most accurate/current names and contacts to be found- and how can I access them?


How To Deal with Gatekeepers & Rejection

What does "no" REALLY mean- maybe not what you assume.