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Dialing for Dollars specializes in helping companies grow their businesses by finding new buyers.



Do you or your sales reps avoid cold calling and new business development activities whenever possible, choosing instead to focus on existing business?


How effectively do your sales people use LinkedIn and other Social Media to connect with their customers and prospects?


Are your sales calls targeted to the specific buyer you are contacting or are you using a one-size-fits all approach?




Fact 1: The most profitable part of the sales process is cold calling- and it is the part that most sales people and entrepreneurs dread the most/don't have time to do/avoid at all costs.


Fact 2: In these challenging times, client retention will only be a portion of your business. Budgets are being trimmed. Client acquisition must be a priority: fresh, new dollars that your company never had before.


Whether you'd like to train your sales team to make higher quality appointments or if you'd prefer to have us schedule them for you, we can help.  Customized LinkedIn classes, both onsite and via webinar, offer demos that cover Sales2.0 prospecting, lead generation, customer research, self-branding and much more.

Dialing for Dollars finds customers for its customers

Stefany Koslow